Julio Chavez-Gushy Panda Interview

I'ma guy from Mexico. Gushy Panda, is just a thing that came out from boredom. I like to play the tuba.

It's just a shit ton of drawing and I tried making shirts, but I failed. maybe alan and austin can help me with it.

been drawing out of my mums stomach. I'm kinda young. I live in Brighton...not England, Colorado. Where: in austin's kitchen and in my basement,,,sometimes in math class. Fuck you, Mr. B.

I do it because i'm ugly and art is the only pretty thing that i'm capable of producing... Eskimo is just a waste of time. so is Gushy Panda, but dont tell your sister. I also have a band called Postol Holiday, we make homemade hits.

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  1. whats up Julio!its serge! i found the sticker you gave me like a year ago and thought to visit thid place. i see you have lots of your drawings. carranza tought alot and it was fun working together. keep up your art man!
    Peace Serge "russian kid"